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Creating reference citations are like giving Google or Bing a pointer or reference about where your business is located in USA & Canada, it’s like a clue which these search engines use to rank local results. When user types a local search query, algorithm of these search engines tries to provide accurate results based on many factors and such one important factor which is calculated is mentions of your business, address, phone number in local web directories. As many as mentions you will have, they are a strong signal for Google, that your business is actually located at the mentioned address and Google returns the same address or webpage to the users.


What Is Citation Building Services?

Citations Building are the local citations or mentions of your business/brand on a webpage, local directories in United States & Canada, yellow-pages in America, classified or local maps like Google, etc. These mentioned can be your “Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Business timing, Business descriptions, Services details” etc.

Benefits Of Local Citations

It’s among the key ranking components with Bing and Google. More the number of citations the higher will be the rank of the website. Based on local citations, Google really decides an order from the business and finally the ranking!

Particularly when there are hardly any businesses who advertise such services, search engines like Google uses all the particulars that they’ll find. This can help validate a company for just one that’s a person in a specific esteemed business index!
Google quickly confirms the authenticity and precision from the particulars contact details provided within the entries. Information that’s outdated, falsified or incorrect directly impacts the durability of the organization!


Getting indexed by local company sites is among the most significant factors in achieving excellent local internet search positions. Search engine optimization professionals agree that local citations take into account an enormous part of the local business search positions and therefore are perhaps the most cost-effective method to achieve great visibility in the search engines internet search engine results.

Why Choose Our Local Citation Services?

Fast & Reliable

We provide genuine services at efficient pricing. Our services are fast, reliable & quality based with complete reporting.

Local Rankings

Our local citation building helps on-site local optimization and your site will rank locally. It will fuel your link building efforts and higher rankings in the SERPs.

Good Quality Business Directories

We target local business directories like yellow pages, local B2B, B2C and Google Maps to create mentions of your business, name, address or reference to provide your product or services visibility as well as brand building.

100% Manual Submission

Our work is 100% by hand or manual to create reference citations as per target demographic and relevant to your area. Our team finds and build citations to give you genuine results and help in local optimization and search.

Trained Staff

Our local citation submission and listing work is done by experienced and trained staff who specialize in local and business directory work. They make the right choice with regards to categories, titles and make sure to check what is been submitted.

White Label Services

We have been working as backend service providers for SEO companies, agencies, resellers, brokers across the world and have the skill to provide white label services to everyone. We can handle any amount of work as we have the team and infrastructure.

How Do Citations Correlate with Search Rankings ?

Local citations improve your search rankings through ongoing creation of relevant and consistent NAP information (name, address, phone number) across hundreds of websites, also known as citation sources. The more consistent, relevant and localized your citations are, the more likely your business will be ranking for people searching for your services and products in your area. Citations are basically another source of credible backlinks that both Google & Bing consider when your business NAP is consistent across the web.

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A. Choose the amount of submissions you want and press buy now tab. Enter your detailed business information in the form. Pay the amount through PayPal.


A. The cost will depend on the number of submissions that you order. Please see packages and their corresponding costs listed above.

A. Accuracy is our main preference we first check if your business is listed already on local directory we find a new high quality directory to list your business and avoid any sort of duplication.


A. All work is done on the manual basis. Our team of experts work manually to submit your business listing on the high quality local directories.


A. All work is done on the manual basis. Our team of experts work manually to submit your business listing on the high quality local directories.


A. Following information will be provided to the local directory. Please make sure that you will have to provide us this information at the time of ordering. Details are! URL – Keywords or tags – Description – Business Name – Owner Name – Full Address – Phone & Fax – Business Email – Year Found – Number of Employee’s – Operating Hours – Payment Method – Link To Video – Social Media Links (GooglePlus, Facebook, Twitter etc..) – Logo – Photos – List of directories (If you want to provide your own list)


A. You will be provided with the full detailed report along with URLs , login information with which you can manually check your listing once your order is completed.


A. Unfortunately, it is not possible to share our full lists as a lot of work goes into compiling these lists on a frequent basis.


A. Our turn-around time is really short that is 5-12 days. We try our best to deliver the service on the time frame that we provide to the clients.


A. We create your listings in such manner that it ultimately results in higher rankings on search engines. To provide your whole lot of value for your business.