Branded Off-Site Blogs Promoting Your Website

We Use Web 2.0 Properties the Way They’re Meant to be Used, For Long-Lasting Results

Web 2.0’s are a fabulous property for buffering your connections, and also broadening stay messages and including significance. Getting applicable connections can be hard and costly, yet with a web 2.0’s, you can make your own particular subdomain and include your preferred substance. This implies you can make a profoundly applicable property and connection to your cash site with it. This passes importance and expands rankings for related terms!

Manually creating Web 2.0 great link juice to your website for many many years. Web 2.0 is effective because you can get links from an effective source like WordPress, Blogspot, Weebly, Tumblr and more (these have very high Page Ranks).

These properties are pointing to your main site, to pass link juice to your main site. Not only will these properties serve as a source of authority and recognition for your brand when someone searches for “Your Keyword” but also will appear as natural fan blogs for your company, across the Internet.

Web 2.0 site were used to make backlinks but now people make many accounts and then put low-quality contents (Spin articles from articles sites) on them and try to get backlinks. Try to avoid this.

Today SEO is all about quality content. If you have good quality content in your Web 2.0 properties than it will be helpful.Web 2.0’s created through automated software with spin articles is most likely to get deleted within one month of creation. Even there is a high risk of getting penalized by Google.

What You Get With Our Manual Web 2.0 Creations Service

We give all the details pertaining to your Web 2.0 blogs like – Login Id, Password, and Link for Login, Email Account we used to make that blog, along with all mandatory details. You can manage them on your own if you want, or you can hire our SEO Content Writing Services to build regular content. This will ensure a great inflow of PR juice to your main website. Along with this, you can also flaunt your web 2.0 blogs to your clients, because they are an extension of your brand and if you are into website flipping, these manually created website backlink properties will enhance the value of your website.


Web 2.0’s created manually will be of really high-quality and will never get deleted. This is the safest method of link building. This will give great link juice to your website. These are permanent links and not spammy or dodgy links. We only use the best Web 2.0 platforms for SEO. We avoid “Automation” and spun articles because that is detectable as spam to Search engines. Our Web 2.0 creation service includes high-quality content, which is written by a native writer with SEO in mind. All Web 2.0 properties are created manually with latest on page SEO statics.


5 Do-Follow Web 2.0

  • (Handwritten Articles)
  • 400-500 Words

10 Do-Follow Web 2.0

  • (Handwritten Articles)
  • 400-500 Words

20 Do-Follow Web 2.0

  • (Handwritten Articles)
  • 400-500 Words

30 Do-Follow Web 2.0

  • (Handwritten Articles)
  • 400-500 Words


A. We can create web 2.0 blogs in any niche but if your website is in a niche such as drugs or weapons that are often banned by web 2.0 websites we can not guarantee that your blogs will stay live.

A. Yes, Here you go.

A. We won’t share the full current list of sites.

A. No, every post is researched and written independently. We never use the same piece of content more than once.

A. Yes, you will receive the logins to all of the properties in the final report so you’re free to make any revisions and add more content to your blogs.

A. Yes, all web 2.0 will be index. If your web 2.0 is not index in 2 months you will get a 50% refund. Why 50%? Because all content was written by our writer and he makes an effort in writing. So can’t give you a full refund.